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Let your culinary adventure begins here

Momos, Gyozas, Salads, Toppings



Bites that will make your tummy happy

Pork with sour cabbage - 120g image

Pork with sour cabbage - 120g

Bulgarian steamed Asian gyoza with sour cabbage, pork and dark Chinese vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, green onion and spices.

Chicken with corn - 120g image

Chicken with corn - 120g

Gyoza inspired by Latin America. Sweet corn chicken flavored with parsley, green pepper and garlic pesto. The dough is additionally flavored with turmeric.

Beef Bolognese - 120g image

Beef Bolognese - 120g

A tradition from the old continent. Gyoza with ground beef, Bolognese sauce, garlic and mozzarella.

Spinach with Genovese pesto - 120g image

Spinach with Genovese pesto - 120g

Delicious treat for vegetarians. Gyoza with Genovese pesto, white cottage cheese, spinach.

Captain Shrimp - 60g image

Captain Shrimp - 60g

Crystal dumpling with whole shrimp and spices.

Spring Rolls - 120g image

Spring Rolls - 120g

Authentic Asian Vegeterian Spring Rolls.

Recommended addition – sweet and sour sauce.

Shumai image


Minced pork mixed with pieces of shrimp, green onions and spices wrapped in wonton and topped with sprinkles of crab rolls
Recommended addition: Teriyaki Sauce



Fluffy buns with juicy fillings

Pork in barbecue sauce - 140g image

Pork in barbecue sauce - 140g

From the palace of the Song Dynasty, we present to you fluffy momots with pork breasts, onions and smoky barbecue sauce.

Chicken curry - 140g image

Chicken curry - 140g

Fluffy momos with chicken, onion and carrots seasoned in Indian curry and cream

Veal with mushrooms - 140g image

Veal with mushrooms - 140g

Fluffy momos with tender beef, mushrooms and onions in butter and Worcester sauce.



The more the tastier

Pork Combo - 260g image

Pork Combo - 260g

Pork gyoza with cabbage 4 pcs
Momos with pork barbecue 3 pcs

Chicken Combo - 260g image

Chicken Combo - 260g

Chicken gyoza 4 pcs.
Chicken curry momo 3 pcs

Beef Combo - 260g image

Beef Combo - 260g

Veal Gyoza Bolognese 4 pcs
Momo with beef and mushrooms 3 pcs

Gyoza combo - 360 g image

Gyoza combo - 360 g

Chicken gyoza 4 pcs
Pork gyoza 4 pcs
Beef gyoza 4 pcs

Momo Combo - 420 g image

Momo Combo - 420 g

Chicken Curry Momo 3 pcs
Veal Momo 3 pcs
Pork momo 3 pcs

Family Combo -1.2kg image

Family Combo -1.2kg

Chicken gyoza 4 pcs
Pork gyoza 4 pcs
Beef gyoza 4 pcs
Spinach gyoza 6 pcs
Chicken curry momo 3 pcs
Pork momo 3 pcs
Veal momo 3 pcs
Captain Shrimp 3 pcs
Spring rolls 6 pcs
6 sauces



Add some freshness to your momos

Thai salad - 150g image

Thai salad - 150g

Green mango, cucumbers, carrot, red pepper, sesame peanuts and dressing

Vietnamese Salad - 150g image

Vietnamese Salad - 150g

Rice noodles, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, peanuts, sesame and sweet and sour sauce

From Asia to Europe and all the way to South America

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